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Who Uses Loyal Customer Club?

Over 5,000 businesses, groups, and individuals useLoyal Customer Club's group text messaging service. Our flexible mass text messaging software is used as both a communications tool and a text message marketing platform.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit, or a small community group, text messaging can enhance your organization's marketing and communication efforts. You don't have to be a marketing expert to get results from Loyal Customer Club's powerful SMS features, which offer quick, convenient, and cost-efficient member and customer engagement.

Affiliate Marketers

Email marketing is increasingly difficult for Affiliate Marketers to get delivered and responses. In an email marketing campaign 1% response rate or less has become the norm. Imagine a 50% or more click through rate. We can help you not only get your SMS messages delivered but also develop a successful and profitable campaign. 97% of all text messages get opened!

Bars & Nightclubs

Break through the clutter of nightlife promotions with a targeted message that won't be ignored. Whether you're sending VIP passes, food and drink specials, comp admission, or special prizes, club-goers love the convenience of receiving specials via their mobile phones. Plus, your customers can instantly respond to text message offers with a simple click. Want to learn more? Visit The Nightlife Info Center to learn how EasySMSSender's mobile marketing platform can enhance your bar or club promotions.

Education / Non-Profits / Community Groups

Without the right tools, managing communications among members of a non-profit or community-based organization can be difficult. Direct mail is too slow when you need a rapid response and email gets lost in a sea of spam. SMS text messaging for social groups and non-profits, however, can solve your communications challenges. Ready to discover how? Visit The Education / Non-Profits Info Center.

Event Marketers

With hundreds (or even thousands) of people attending events, Loyal Customer Club provides an elite technology to capture customer data and thus enhance future marketing efforts. Give attendees the opportunity to sign up for upcoming event notifications directly on their cell phones, so you can engage with them throughout the year regarding relevant promotions. With our interactive SMS texting software, the on-site promotion opportunities are endless: alert attendees to special concessions, merchandise, or other offers while actually at the event. Ready to try it out? Read The ABC Red Top Case Study.

Religious Groups

Loyal Customer Club is a powerful, affordable group text messaging solution for your church, temple, or other religious organization. Reminders, prayer requests, and youth group management are some of the most common uses of group text messaging for faith-based groups. Over 1,000 such organizations have already discovered the power of Loyal Customer Club. Visit The Churches & Ministries Info Center to learn more.


Text message marketing allows you to build loyalty, upsell your current customers, and drive foot traffic on slow nights. Cold winter day? Offer a special on soup. Want to reward repeat customers? Allow them to text in to receive special deals. To learn more about text message marketing for restaurants, visit .


The best relationships in retail are those in which the customer feels rewarded and cared for. Sending coupons, sneak preview sales, and exclusive "VIP" offers directly to their cell phones is an inexpensive and trackable way to enhance customer relationships and ultimately drive sales. Want to learn more about retail marketing with mobile technology? Read The ABC Red Top Case Study.

Real Estate

In today's busy world, people want immediate gratification. Give house hunters instant access to property listings using Loyal Customer Club's keyword solution, and easily communicate with them to set up an appointment or request more information. To learn more, visit the SMS Marketing For Real Estate Info Center.

Small Businesses

New to mobile marketing? We've got the resources to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get started. Loyal Customer Club was originally built for small businesses. In 2010, Loyal Customer Club won the Hot Tech Demo Award at the 5th Annual Small Business Summit in New York, and we've continued to excel ever since. Want to see how your small business can leverage text message marketing?

Software Developers

Leverage the power of Loyal Customer Club's flexible API to integrate text messaging into your own application. Whether you're an independent developer or you work on a team at a Fortune 500 company, we're here to provide you with the right tools and support for easy, quick, and affordable customization. Learn more about partnering with us.