Generate 100- 500+ New Restaurant Customer Every Month With Predictability!

What does it take to get your customers to come back again and again?

If you could send all your customers a message instantly and you knew they would open it and respond would that be valuable to you?

Are you collecting all your Customer Data?

If you are not collecting your customer information including phone number, birthday, you need to start doing it now! Why pay for advertising to get people to come to your business if you have no idea who they are. Incent those customers to come back again and leave reviews.
  • Loyalty Tablet designed just for you
  • Showcase specials, events, new products
  • Incredibly easy for your customers to use
  • Send your customers a birthday gift every year
  • Easily generate 5 star reviews

Custom Rewards Program to help increase Customer Visits

Motiivate your customers to return often by creating your own rewards program
  • Custom rewards based on your business needs
  • Instant customer notification of rewards for customers
  • Customers just show you their text message
  • Rewards quickly and easily redeemed using tablet
  • Customers can check in once per day

Send Texts When You Want

Communicate with your customers down times, special events, new products/services, or just to say Thank You!
  • You receive a special custom phone number
  • Send to entire customer list
  • Custom Dashboard so YOU can send messages yourself
  • Create recurring monthly send
  • Offer one-time reward to drive visits