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Throw away those Old Paper Loyalty Cards

As a previous restaurant owner, I faced daily problems with how to keep in touch with loyal customers.

Even if I knew who they were it didn't really tell me much about what they would be looking for.

Why the paper loyalty cards are dead

  • Can be lost
  • Tells you nothing about your customer
  • No way of reconnecting with customer
  • Expensive to print
  • No automation
  • Can only gain whilst in store

Grow Your Audience

Scan Customers

Password protection for you and your staff means that a customer can not scan more than once at a time, and can not receive an offer without bot confirmation.

Social Ads

Remind your customer with a message after they have not been to your store or haven’t been active for a while. Incentivize your customers to return with an offer.

Website Placement

Knowing the day of the week and time that customer comes into your store is useful for the correct type of reminder. The more relatable the message is to your customer the more likely you are to have better retention of the customer.


Let your customers tell their friends about your offers and grow your business with the power of sharing. Every time a customer is successful with bringing their friends to your bot they will receive a point on the loyalty card. Proven to increase your audience by 15-20%

Suitable for any store

Watch our video to see how EASY it is

Watch this introductory video to learn more about how the Loyal Customer Club marketing system can help your business.

Our customers average 100 new clients per month and on average a 500% return on their investment!


Watch this introductory video to learn more about how the Loyal Customer Club marketing service can help your Restaurant.


Loyal Customer’s Club helps Restaurants keep their customers coming back again and again! Our platform is designed to provide the industry’s highest ease-of-use.

Many Businesses & Organizations rely on Loyal Customer Club for their Rewards Program Communications

  • I Love knowing what time and days customers have scanned in. I can send over a booking flow. Knowing who likes what deals we have in out restaurant is fantastic
    Restaurant Owner
  • Watching the affiliate system work and gain me an extra 20% of subscribers for free has been amazing.
    Event Brand Owner
  • The loyalty card bot has become a great success for my night clubs and has given me great insight to what customers like to come in on what days. I love to know my customers and this has given me that capability.
    Hayden Price
    Night Club Owner